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Smart solutions for professionals

The core competence of BISS GmbH is the consulting, implementation and customization of digital solutions for professional and sales challenges as well as the fulfillment of legal requirements.
Successfully driving forward the digitization process is a problem for every company that increasingly ties up greater resources. BISS sees itself as a company that solves demanding tasks together with its customers, so that you, as a customer, can master higher requirements in competition as well as on the part of the legislator.

You profit several times over from our expertise

With our expertise and intelligent tools we offer our customers the possibility to concentrate on their core competencies and to avoid the bottleneck of the increasingly scarce resource “Man-Power“. For you as a customer, cooperation with BISS means an increase in your efficiency and effectiveness.

Our latest product development

Stagnation is regression: the latest “baby” in our product world is BISS/CAIGO. This SaaS application “saw the light of day” in 2023 and is the answer to the challenges of the LkSG.

The law obliges - staggered in time and according to the number of employees - more and more companies to check international supply chains to see whether and to what extent the human rights standards defined by the UN as well as environmental protection criteria are being observed.

The implementation of the law involves considerable effort for the companies concerned - and can only be mastered with the help of potent software. Developing this software was a task that exactly matched our competence profile and which we solved in a unique way.